A Different Kind of Training Program for Horses

MANY riding horses suffer breakdowns, depression, sub-par performance, and overall ill health because of a poor relationship with their riders, an unsuitable environment, training program, or underlying physical issue.

Equestrian Endeavors with Stacey Ericson is a unique equine training program that focuses on rebuilding healthy relationships between the horses and their riders using classic training methods for horses, and Equine Integrated Experience modules for the riders. Learn more about Equine Integrated Experience here.

Equestrian Endeavors provides horses with an Individualized Training Program (ITP) to help them regain their confidence, restore their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and to reconnect them with their human partners in a new way; one that provides understanding and harmony in the partnership through honoring each other.IMG_0560

How it Works

Individual horses are admitted into the program at the farm for various issues that need be resolved. Based on the goals of the horse’s owner and a thorough assessment of both horse and rider, an ITP will be established. Stacey will work with the horse, provide guidance (and instruction if necessary) for the rider, and implement a combined riding / training plan for the pair.  Read more about the details of our programs.