Training Services

Equestrian Endeavors provides concerned horse owners with a unique, new training method for restoring and rebuilding a healthy relationship with their horses. Through a focused program of Equine Integrated Experience, trainer, Stacey Ericson, restores horses’ athletic ability and emotional well-being, while teaching the rider how to work with their horse in a new way.

Depending on the horse’s need, there are three (3) programs available, plus follow-on workshops/clinics: 

  • 30-Day Training Program
  • 60-Day Training Program
  • 90-Day Training Program
  • 1-Day Workshop/Clinic

Each program includes the following:

  • Intake and Assessment (Horse)
    • Receive horse for temporary boarding
    • Behavioral assessmentIMG_0528
    • Health and wellness assessment
    • Evaluation ride by Stacey Ericson
    • Job performance analysis (is the horse suitable for the type of work requested of him)
  • Intake and Assessment (Rider)
    • Goals assessment
    • Historical review of horse and rider partnership
    • Mounted assessment
  • Horse Restoration
    • Physical – Medical treatments as necessary to restore health and comfort (veterinary, chiropractic, alternative therapies, diet and exercise)
    • Emotional – Each horse’s strengths and weaknesses will be considered in-depth, leading to care, riding, and training techniques that create a more emotionally balanced horse
    • Environmental – Stable management best practices, turnout, routine, professional observation, property management all contribute to the overall wellbeing of horse and is directly proportional to their performance as riding horses
  • Rider Restoration
    • Physical – Riding lessons that focus on proper technique to accommodate the rider’s goals and the horse’s abilities
    • Emotional – Incorporating mindful riding and care to rebuild a relationship with the horse that helps the rider understand more deeply and completely what they are experiencing with their horse. A solid emotional connection is essential for a harmonious and productive relationship both in the saddle and on the ground
    • Educational – Stacey will provide very specific instruction for the rider, in order to help them understand their horse’s needs and to apply the knowledge gained in the program to their future equestrian endeavors
  • Clinics, Workshops, Tune-Ups
    • Both horse and rider may return to Equestrian Endeavors periodically for short-term workshops and clinics in order to preserve the accomplishments of their time in the program

* There may be times when a horse is simply not suitable for the work requested of him/her. In that case,  Stacey may help find the horse a more suitable rider or career.