Training Methods

“Horses are not machines, they are mirrors.”  – Stacey Ericson

Horses teach us about ourselves by reflecting back to us what we put out there. For example, a horse might step on your foot as an indirect way of reminding you to pay attention. That’s called “learning the hard way.” When we take the time to used focused observation of our horses, we can learn to pay attention, among other things, without hardship. The Equestrian Endeavors training program does exactly that; it provides understanding and subsequent instruction through a series of observations.

Where the rider taps into their inner knowing, giving them empowerment,helping them feel confident, creating a true connection which then releases fear, by creating a sense of wellbeing through honoring eachother.

What is Equine Integrated Experience

Equestrian Endeavors Equine Integrated Experience involves teaching the rider about how to get the most out of their horse by observing, and then using, the horse’s habits, behaviors, health, and abilities for optimum performance.  Stacey Ericson’s program simultaneously assesses the rider’s goals and characteristics to see how horse and rider affect one another; where there are complimentary characteristics between the two, and where there are conflicting characteristics.

stacey-showing-medEquine Integrated Experience essentially means that we can learn how to be a better partner for our horses, ultimately bringing out the very best in them.

In this program, the rider taps into his or her inner knowledge, empowering them to feel confident, which then creates a true connection with their horse. Only with this connection can old fears be released. When that happens, a sense of well-being results from the experience of horse and rider honoring each other.

Through structured observation, we gain a lot of insight as to the whys and hows of a horse’s behavior. Whether it is on the ground while being led to turnout, out on a hack in the country, or jumping 1.50m fences, structured observation tells us a lot about how we can improve our horse’s performance by understanding what motivates them to deliver on our requests.

Freedom From Anxiety

When traditional training methods are combined with Equine Integrated Experience, riders come away with a new-found wisdom that enables the horse to be free from anxiety, to understand what’s asked of them, and to trust his or her rider.

How to Get “Unstuck”

Equestrian Endeavors clients must be willing to learn the truth about themselves in this process. It’s the only way to truly break through what’s keeping you stuck.

Program Highlights

  • Active meditation to clear the rider’s “energy palette”. This gives you a chance to start fresh with your horse
  • Riding instruction that’s different than the ordinary circles upon circles
  • Tools to work through fears
  • Exercises in timing and the use of timely aids to create harmony and better communication
  • Analysis of how the horse responds to the rider’s aids, mood, and experience
  • Body awareness instruction and analysis
  • Teach feel by focusing on the position of the rider and use of individual parts of the body
  • Create balance and security of the rider in any situation (bucking, rearing, etc.)
  • Proper use of equipment, including stirrup length, which can help with mastering balance
  • Being thoughtful towards environment while riding is also discussed to help the horse and rider stay safe in all situations
  • Lessons in self-discovery, which leads to the rider feeling confident that he or she can handle most situations with ease, understanding, and safety
  • Lessons in troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Analysis of horses strengths and weaknesses, and which kinds of jobs the horse is best suited for
  • Using rider ability to create athleticism, power, impulsion, and balance in their horse

If the horse and rider do not meet each other’s expectations, then the relationship becomes toxic. In some cases, it becomes dangerous.  Equestrian Endeavors is here to help you discover ways to understand one another and be better equipped to meet each other’s needs.